Stories Uncovered 26th September – 6th December 2016 Tate Britain

Today we presented our video to the public at Tate Britain. Stories Uncovered has been a year in the making, full of exciting new experiences and new friends. Our video will be on display in the Learning Gallery at Tate Britain until 9th December 2016, and you can watch a shorter version online on the Tate website.


Filming #StoriesUncovered

Today was the filming day for #StoriesUncovered with the Tate Collective. Along with Reel Nice, representatives from 6 London-based arts youth groups have been developing a video project exploring the practice of archiving from the perspective of young people.


Our idea questions whether social media platforms can be considered as modern day archives; we document our lives more than any other generation through photos, videos, and online posts, creating personal archives. Some key themes that we wanted to examine were how do we choose what to archive/publish online, and what this says about our identities?

We interviewed members of the pubic about their personal use of social media as a modern day archive, and heard a range of perspectives. The results will be shown on the Tate website and displayed in the Learning gallery at Tate Britain later this year.