The Philoshophy of Montage (00:03:25)

– Discrete elements / fragments coming together

– The 3rd Medium – when things collide, a synthesis is engineered and a new form / meaning/ way emergees.

Archive and Documentary (00:04:30)

– Archives are memory banks

– The image is a way in which to immortalise an event in our consciousness

– Documentary is an attempt to capture something that you’re worried will die and want it to live

Handsworth Songs


Cut-Paper/Collage: ‘La Mamita’


Cut out


Cut out placed on paper print 

This image reminds be of Noddy Books and the Golliwog character. My character looks lost and vulnerable in this space. 


Silver outline stencil 

I’ve been experimenting further with Vector Graphics, combining my images with previously explored techniques, in order to address my project brief of producing a representation of black racial identity in rural Britain.

Photographic Montage


‘Lost Digital’

I had begun layering images quite successfully with this attempt however lost a sense of direction whilst using Photoshop. The images used combined self-protraiture and landscape photography. The image repeats a lot of the patterns which to me devalues this technique. Despite the simplicity of this process and its more intricate output, I think what is needed is closer attention to detail and a layering of meaning as opposed to random images, in order to produce more sucessful montages.


I’m much more fond of the above image which I produced at the start of the course in relation to identity and memory. The montage here creates a dream-like and nostalgic representation of youth, as well as the non-linear experience of memory. Digital montages in this way may then enable consideration of imagined identities and spaces.