Archives & Access: Stories Uncovered

I’ve been attending the Youth Forum at the Black Cultural
Archives (BCA) for a few months, and we’ve recently been developing a
project in collaboration with the Tate Collective’s Archives &
Access learning outreach programme. The theme of the project is ‘Stories
Uncovered’, and it aims to explore London’s heritage through the eyes
of young people. The programme runs from November 2015 – September 2016,
in which time BCA and five other organisations will host a workshop
exploring themes of local heritage.


All participating groups attended a day of workshops at
Tate Britain on Saturday 16th April. There I presented the idea we at
BCA have been developing to the organisers and participants of the
programme. We’ve chosen to explore the theme of youth activism, using
the archives at BCA to explore the involvement of young black Londoners
in local politics.

As well as presenting our project, we had the opportunity
to share ideas with the other groups and learned how to effectively run a
workshop by identifying our audience and setting measurable goals and
outcomes. We also had the opportunity to explore the Tate’s physical and
digital archives and identify materials that could help us in our


Language and Diversity

Following up on a previous post which linked to an article by Jesús Andreu, I have begun to explore different ways in which diversity might expressed. The article explained the richness of language as equal to the richness of cultural diversity, and concluded in defense of linguistic diversity referring to it as a source of innovation for personal and economic growth;

Solo así, reinterpretando la diversidad como fuente de innovación y crecimiento personal y económico, las distintas instituciones culturales y académicas de los países hispanohablantes podrán juntar fuerzas en la defensa del patrimonio que al cabo compartimos, custodiando la riqueza de nuestras tradiciones y proyectando el valor de nuestra pluralidad. (Jesús Andreu 2013)

This is a concept which intrigues me and I have long been fascinated with understanding how we may communicate cultural identity and diversity through language (be it through speech or visual code). I have gathered a few links that be useful to follow up on when continuing to explore language and cultural diversity;